Friday, January 13, 2017

CNY Matters and Cleanliness

Hi Dearies Class Decoration: Do note the following key dates: 1.Class Decoration Competition Submission Form - 20th Jan 2017 (next Friday) 2.Judging - 23rd Jan 2017 (Monday) Upload the Class Mission/Goals, Code of Conduct under your class folder. Excos, once this is done, text me. Classes can start the work on the decoration during FT periods/after curriculum hours starting today till next week. B. CleanSG@SST The last 5 mins MUST be dedicated to cleaning time during FT periods/ Advisory. REMEMBER to use the rags to clean their whiteboard ledge, desks, cupboards and windows. Rags should be dried on top of the cupboard tops and kept neatly in the cupboards after they are dried.Your class would need 2 more rags so that the clean up can be speeded up. Ms Lam

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