Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last reminder to bring your thermometer and cardboxes for tomorrow

Hi Dearies This is a gentle reminder for those who have yet to bring their thermometers. Tomorrow is the Temperature Taking Exercise. Temperature Taking Exercise will commence after singing of National Anthem and Pledge Taking in your classroom. Please remain standing quietly while taking your temperature. Once you have your temperature reading, you are to line up orderly at my desk, and show me your temperature so that I can record it. If your temperature reading is erased, you need to retake it. If your temperature reading is 37.6ÂșC and above, you need to report to the Temperature Measurement Station outside LO2, and some Admin officer will be on duty there to assist your for a 2nd round of temperature taking. In event that you still did not bring your oral digital thermometer or if your thermometer is not functioning well, you are to proceed to the thermometer distribution station (Opposite of the Blk C classroom unit 04-14 and 05-15). Mr Tan will be there to collect $5 for your purchase of a new thermometer.

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